Priveon Strategic Alliances

Priveon allies itself with InfoSec vendors and partners only after extensive due-diligence, testing and research into the solutions, services and products they provide, and only in cases where Priveon has determined that the relationship and value best represents Priveon's expectations for solution integration and customer success.  The vendor must provide an efficient and operationally effective solution that works for customers of all sizes and industries by solving a horizontal industry-crossing security challenge while limiting the amount of customer technology and process adjustments required for its successful integration and implementation.

Just as it is important to us that we provide you with best of breed services, training, and consulting that you have learned to expect from Priveon staff members, it is equally as important that our recommended vendors continue to maintain and provide the best-of-breed product in their solution space.

With all partner relationships, Priveon establishes direct communication channels to the vendor's support and development teams as a bi-directional conduit for information sharing.  This feedback loop helps us to facilitate our goal of providing our customers with products and solutions that meet their ever changing needs and that integrates with their dynamic user environments.  By effectively communicating features and requirements Priveon ensures that our customer's needs are adequately represented when it comes to future product revisions and enhancements.  This close vendor relationship also allows Priveon access to early indications on product direction and access to direct support resources such that we can ensure our customers get support and accurate information in the most timely manner possible.

Partnering with Priveon and Priveon's allies brings your organization into a tightly knit system where your security policy can go from paper to production in a timely, effective and manageable process.

Below is the current representation of Priveon strategic alliances that have been through our rigorous qualification process and who we believe are best suited for the customers and industries we represent.