BigFix, Inc.


Breakthrough Technology, Revolutionary Economics

Founded in 1997, BigFix®, Inc. is a leading provider of high-performance enterprise systems and security management solutions that revolutionizes the way IT organizations manage and secure their computing infrastructures. Based on a unique architecture that distributes management intelligence directly to the computing devices themselves, BigFix is radically faster, scalable, more accurate and adaptive than legacy management software. From Systems Lifecycle Management, Security & Vulnerability Management to Endpoint Protection, BigFix solutions automate the most labor-intensive IT tasks across the most complex global networks saving organizations significant amounts of time, labor, and expense. BigFix provides real-time visibility and control for millions of globally distributed computing devices. The BigFix customer list counts many of the world’s largest and most prestigious organizations in every industry including financial services, retail, education, manufacturing, and public sector agencies.

A Unified Platform for Systems and Security Management

Today, BigFix provides 18 applications within a single-console, single-agent unified management platform addressing the following solution domains:
•    System Lifecycle Management
•    Endpoint Protection
•    Security Configuration Management and Vulnerability Management 

Unified management with BigFix also extends across a remarkable breadth of computing platforms:
•    Desktops, laptops, handhelds – fixed and mobile
•    Servers – physical and virtual
•    Windows, UNIX, Linux, Mac, & virtual operating systems

Automation of Infrastructure Management

With BigFix’s unified management model, customers can radically simplify and automate infrastructure management, saving costs and improving service delivery: 
•    Automation: Many unnecessary operational tasks can be eliminated and others significantly streamlined, resulting in rapid cycle times; e.g., patch management process cycle times can typically be compressed by 80%.
•    Consolidation: Redundant management infrastructures can be consolidated and over time eliminated. It is not uncommon for BigFix to replace from five to ten other agent technologies and their management infrastructures.
•    Better Decision Making: With BigFix as the “single source of truth” on the state of computing assets, IT makes better and timelier decisions on security policies, asset purchases and allocation, compliance policies, device configurations, etc.
•    Faster Skills Development: Simplifes operations team training and skill development by focusing on a single management approach and process set.

Easy Adoption and Low TCO

BigFix is remarkably easy to adopt. Once the management framework is deployed (a process that may take a few hours to a few days for very large networks) deploying BigFix applications is simple. Customers simply subscribe to those applications that meet their needs via on-demand content streams, thus eliminating the typical implementation cycle and the costs of traditional solutions. Customers need not adopt the whole suite of BigFix applications at once. Rather, they may choose those applications that best suit their initial needs and subscribe to new ones over time. Their BigFix solution will evolve as their needs evolve.

The BigFix Difference

BigFix delivers superior, customer-documented, return-on-investment through slashing IT infrastructure costs of ownership and management complexity while enabling IT organizations to elevate IT infrastructure management from tactical necessity to a strategic business advantage.