Priveon CSA Migration Services

Your systems will remain protected during the transition from CSA to Bit9 Parity

Customers currently protected by CSA will not want to drop their protection while they are preparing and deploying a replacement. Because of Priveon’s deep technical experience with both CSA and Bit9 Parity, we have put together a migration plan to move operational CSA deployments to operational Bit9 Parity deployments without having to sacrifice CSA protection during the migration period.

Priveon has created custom CSA policies that will ensure that CSA does not interfere with this.  Once Priveon configures Bit9 Parity, they will shift CSA to audit mode to verify that protection is properly implemented.  After Parity is fully deployed and validated, CSA can be removed.

Rollout Overview:

  1. Planning
    • Priveon will analyze your current CSA custom policies and leverage them in determining Bit9 Parity policy. Priveon’s deep knowledge of both products will dramatically speed the transition in a secure and controlled fashion.
  2. Initial Infrastructure
    • Priveon will install Bit9 Parity, integrate it with the current Active Directory environment, and will perform an initial inventory and white/black list tuning as well as assist with agent deployment planning and Active Directory policy mapping which eases the organizations ability to target specific policies and functionality by user or computer.
  3. Mass deployment
    • Priveon will construct the installation packages for mass deployment of the Bit9 Parity agents.  Once deployed, Priveon will Fine-tune inventory and white/black lists.  Finally, CSA will be shifted into Test/Audit Mode, enable Bit9 Parity protection, and verify that appropriate security controls are in place.
  4. Training and hand-off
    • Priveon focuses on customer enablement.  Transfer of Information from Priveon experts to customer operations personnel will occur throughout the deployment, and will be complete at handoff. Additionally, Priveon provides the Bit9 Training course and maintains the training course content for Bit9 so you can be sure that you will be provided the highest quality knowledge and training you have come to expect of Priveon.