Implementation Services

Security Enforcement and Monitoring technologies are becoming more and more complex over time as the attacks/attackers they are designed to detect and defend against also become more complex and intelligent. Because of the complexity and potential intrusiveness of the preventative technologies organizations are attempting to deploy, it is critical to leverage the knowledge and resources of individuals with the experience required to ensure your successful adoption of the solution. When implementing any security mechanism it is important to understand the following:

  • How complex is this technology, the attack it detects or defends, and my organizations ability to implement it?
  • What other security, networking, application, processes, identity, etc functions and products does this implementation potentially impact or integrate with and who in my organization needs to be involved because of these cross-functional integration points?
  • How will we select, test, pilot and fully implement this product such that its adoption within the organization is both successful and unobtrusive?
  • How and Who will manage the updates and ongoing configuration required to ensure this products success throughout the lifecycle of its tenure at my organization?
  • How will my staff be trained in order to best leverage this tool in both automated and active hands-on usage scenarios?
  • Do we have the experience to implement this product in a way that ensures we are leveraging it to its capacity and benefiting from our financial investment?

As you can see, implementation is often never as simple and just unboxing a technology and turning on the power switch. It can often be best if you seek professional experienced consulting resources that can ensure your success with both the implementation and ongoing usage and ownership of the technology.

Priveon is the company you are looking for when attempting to integrate and install your security technology in the most effective and efficient manner. We have vast experience in companies across all industries and of all sizes including the fortune 50.


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