Lifecycle Services and Support

InfoSec staff are often overburdened with the numerous tasks required of them on a daily basis ranging from patching and upgrading security controls, reacting to a security related outage, configuring security products to allow or disallow specific actions as part of a change control process, or performing a forensics investigation. Each of these tasks require varying amounts of time and vastly differing skill-sets.

In order to effectively perform all of the tasks required, you are often forced to ask individuals that do not have the correct skill-set to take on those duties. This can create a critical hole in your security deployments effectiveness.

Priveon can provide the necessary ongoing and just-in-time security resources required to ensure your security posture does not suffer from resource gaps. Priveon provides flexible options to ensure your deployments function as expected, are completely maintained, and you are alerted to any security issues.

To accomplish this task, Provides a blend of services that include personnel, middleware, and scripted tools to fill the specific gaps you have today.

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