Security Consulting and Solutions Design

Information Security is unique for a few reasons that impact your organizations ability to architect and maintain a solid detection and defense strategy in an ongoing way:

  • Unlike other departments in your organization, InfoSec has adversaries. We are actually attacked by individuals and malicious software on a daily basis who only need to be right in their methodology one time in order to be considered successful. InfoSec on the other-hand needs to get it right 100% of the time or we are seen as unsuccessful.
  • InfoSec is often forced to respond to various compliance regulations such as government requirements or the credit card-holder industry requirements.
  • InfoSec does not typically get the ability to dictate the networking, operating system, and application architectures that we are required to protect. Instead, we are told to simply protect what exists, where it exists.

Because of these issues, and a host of others, it is critical that we plan effectively and produce a consistent, well thought-out strategy for securing our environment. This strategy must be effective at securing our environment, identify our short-comings, and provide a flexible architecture that allows for growth and change. It must also provide direction for future projects and purchases that encourages product and services selections that are cohesive with the rest of the overall strategy rather than become an un-integrated point solution.

Priveon consults on a regular basis with our customers to provide assistance in planning for this overall architecture and strategy. We ensure you are looking at the big-picture and not just the current state of your environment as well as the future time-line. An overall security strategy engagement with Priveon will ensure you are working with consultants that can leverage their years of experience to provide you an executable strategy that can leverage your personnel resources more effectively, spend your limited budget more effectively, and protect yourself more effectively.

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