Security Solutions

Priveon provides proven and effective solutions, and recommends best-of-breed products to solve our customers' security challenges.  Solutions architected by Priveon assist in creating the most secure, efficient, and operationally effective secure computing environment possible.  Priveon places the highest regard on ensuring customer adoption and ownership while providing the highest level of security control and cross-solution integration.  Through our vast experience in unique environments of varying types and sizes, Priveon has demonstrated that a correctly designed and implemented security solution can be both effective and manageable.

Security should be viewed as a holistic system and therefore architected that way.  Unfortunately, many security architectures are instead pieced together on an on-going basis as required or mandated by laws, regulations and other guidelines.  The results of this scenario tend to be a combination of varying systems that cannot leverage one another nor integrate at any level to provide cohesive and predictable protection or effective information.  Priveon can assist in getting your security strategy back on track and help leverage your existing infrastructure and investments during the process.

Priveon's ultimate goal is to enable our customers to be more productive, more efficient and more secure.   A complete security solution consisting of a scaleable and manageable security architecture coupled with the best-practices knowledge transfer component in every Priveon project engagement, ensures our customer's success.