Bit9 Application Whitelisting and Advanced Endpoint Protection Solutions

Bit9, the pioneer of Application Whitelisting, provides Advanced Endpoint Protection and enables IT security to ensure the integrity of their endpoints -- laptops, desktops, servers and kiosks. Bit9 Parity Suite Application Whitelisting detects and prevents malware and advanced threats across tens of thousands of endpoints at brand name companies across many industries. Bit9 Parity Suite also lets organizations adhere to critical industry compliance standards.

Leveraging the power of the industry’s leading Application Whitelisting solution and the world's largest repository of software information, Bit9 products and services provide complete Visibility, Knowledge, and Control over what software is allowed to run on endpoints.

Bit9 helps IT professionals regain control and deliver the highest levels of manageability, security and compliance.

  • Bit9 Parity Suite™ provides Advanced Endpoint Protection and secures the integrity of endpoints
  • Bit9 Global Software Registry™ is the largest, most comprehensive in-the-cloud service for software identification, Trust Factor, and background information on software
  • Bit9 Cyber Forensics Service™ is an "in-the-cloud" service that provides the intelligence on software needed to make it easy to identify, validate and understand the reputation of software files to better protect users
  • Bit9 FileAdvisor™ is the first free search engine for identifying software files on any Windows computer

Today's evolving threat landscape requires a new approach to endpoint security. For decades, the security industry has been chasing the infinite list of malicious software and creating a blacklist to prevent it from running. With the exponential growth in malware and the targeted nature of today's attacks, this reactive approach is now considered incomplete - evident by the number of data breaches still taking place. Bit9, the leader in advanced endpoint protection and the pioneer of application whitelisting, offers a proven and proactive alternative to traditional approaches.

Customers today are using Bit9 to meet a range of application security needs, including: