Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

The ability to correctly identify, monitor and protect critical data is a core requirement in today's computing enviorment.  Data loss poses a serious issue for companies, as the number of incidents and the cost to those experiencing them continues to increase. Whether caused by malicious intent, or an inadvertent mistake, data loss can diminish a company’s brand, reduce shareholder value, and damage the company’s goodwill and reputation.  All avenues of electronic communication need to be policed to prevent intellectual property, financial information, patient information, personal credit card data, and a variety of sensitive information (depending on the business and the industry) from falling into the wrong hands.

Data loss prevention (DLP) solutions address these issues by detecting and preventing the unauthorized use and transmission of confidential information at multiple points within the customer enterprise:

  • Data in motion – Any data that is moving through the network to the outside via the Internet
  • Data at rest – Data that resides in files systems, databases and other storage methods
  • Data at the endpoint – Data at the endpoints of the network (e .g . data on USB devices, external drives, MP3 players, laptops, and other highly-mobile devices)

Across all critical protocols, a high-performance, intelligent data loss prevention solution is a must-have for today’s organizations.  A true enterprise DLP solution addresses all of these areas while providing a centralized manegement framework to facilitate a truely operational and scaleable deployment.

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