Lancope Solutions: Network Behavior Analysis | StealthWatch

 Total Network Visibility to Ensure High Performing and Secure Networks


Evolving technologies like virtualization, web services, unified communications, mobile applications, multiprotocol label switching (MPLS); and developments in remote access and site-to-site virtual private networks have made managing networks significantly more complex over the last two years. Consequently, enterprise network planners, IT operations and security staff need more visibility and control of their networks. As organizations become more geographically dispersed and their ability to collaborate, both internally and externally, becomes more important, real time visibility into inventory records and performance of the network becomes crucial to the effectiveness of the business process and the ability to grow.

Moreover, network and security administrators are being asked to do more with less. Network and security teams must continually meet IT demand, optimize efficiency, simplify management – and accomplish it all quickly and cost-effectively. To help these overburdened teams meet the ongoing challenges of network and security management, Lancope provides the StealthWatch System.

A proven solution for security, network and application performance monitoring, StealthWatch eliminates network blind spots and reduces total network and security management costs. Delivering unified visibility across physical and virtual networks, StealthWatch combines flow-based anomaly detection and network performance monitoring. StealthWatch optimizes security, network and virtual operations while maximizing limited resources by:

  • STREAMLINING security, network and virtual monitoring into one process
  • REDUCING the time and resources allocated to network security and operations across physical and virtual networks
  • ELIMINATING the cost and complexity associated with non-integrated point solutions

Lancope's StealthWatch System meets the needs of security, network and datacenter administrators with a single platform that provides network intelligence for all parties.