Priveon Labs Research and Publications

Priveon Labs brings primary research from some of the best minds in the field to our customers. Collaborations with leading security researchers combined with actual case scenarios and testing of security technologies result in original research that has immediate value to our customers. We are a thought leader in the security field, and we bring innovative security techniques and information to the industry through articles, books, newsletters, and industry shows.

Priveon Authored Books:

Cisco Security Agent - by: Chad Sullivan


Advanced Host Intrusion Prevention with CSA - by: Chad Sullivan, Jeff Asher & Paul Mauvais


 Cisco NAC Appliance: Enforcing Host Security with Clean Access - by: Jamey Heary, Jerry Lin, Chad Sullivan and Alok Agrawal



Priveon Authored White Papers:

Priveon makes every attempt to provide up-to-date solutions and information available to our customers. Below is a section of Whitepapers written by Priveon Experts that you might find helpful.


Bit9 Parity Protection Series:

icon Using Application Whitelisting to Prevent Real-World Threats (Malware Prevention with Bit9: A Practical Example)


Cisco Security Agent Protection Series:

icon CSA: Enabling LDAP for CSA Management Center SSO Authentication For CSA 6.0

icon CSA: Enabling LDAP for CSA Management Center SSO Authentication For CSA 5.2

icon CSA: Interface Identification and Control with CSA 5.2

icon CSA: CVE-2007-0038 - Microsoft Animated Cursor (ANI) Vulnerability

icon CSA: Using Inline Frames for Malware Delivery (IFRAME Element)

icon CSA: Web Server Protection - HTTP Explorer Directory Traversal

icon CSA: CVE-2006-003 - Microsoft RDS.Dataspace ActiveX (MDAC) Vulnerability

icon CSA: CVE-2006-5745 - Microsoft XML Core Services XMLHTTP ActiveX Control Code Vulnerability

icon CSA: The MSO6-040 Vulnerability - Buffer Overrun in Server Service

icon CSA: MS Excel hlink.dll Day-Zero Vulnerability

icon CSA: 0-Day Protection Against BlackWorm (CME-24)

icon CSA: Protection Against 0-Day WMF Exploit


Cisco Security MARS Analysis Series:

icon MARS: Network Tripwire - 101

icon MARS: Analysis and Identification of BlackWorm


Priveon Malware Analysis:

icon Analysis and Identification of the StormWorm


Other Publications:

Cisco Packet Magazine : "Deploying Cisco Security Agent - Out of The Lab and Into Production"