Priveon Real-World Training

Since the beginning of the Technical Certification Revolution that began many years ago in the IT industry, too many people have been forced to sit through classes that attempted to prepare them for multiple choice tests rather than preparing them for real world implementations.

Priveon has revolutionized the training industry by providing the Real-World Training people need to effectively own and operate their security solutions.

Priveon developed training covers scenario based real world situations that will prepare you to architect, implement, support and maintain your products efficiently and effectively. No more boring lectures, just the knowledge you need and the experience to back it up!

The Training practice is led by a core team of highly technical and experienced instructors who update the curriculum at the end of every professional service engagement. Using the most effective learning theory and models available, your people come out of Priveon classes ready to apply their new skills in the toughest environment of all – the real world. Priveon Training utilizes experiential learning – learn by doing. In every class, there is a heavy emphasis on challenge labs that will push learners past simple regurgitation of slideware into actual hands-on implementation, break/fix, and expert analysis.