Priveon Training Services

Priveon understands that in order for our customers to fully adopt a new product or service, their internal staff must be well educated in its functionality and its integration into the security strategy. Unfortunately, most organizations look at training as an after though and not as one of the most critical points of a successful strategy. Many of the available training offerings today unfortunately do not provide your staff the tools they need to be successful. The 2 most popular components of training today are: implementation-based knowledge transfer and formal classroom vendor training. Each methodology has its limitations and should be understood.

Implementation-based Knowledge Transfer:

Many implementations performed for you by your product reseller include some sort of knowledge transfer. Unfortunately, this typically is an afterthought and often no more than a line in the Statement-of-Work. It is not uncommon for customers to only receive this knowledge transfer after they formally requested it at the end of a project. Additionally, since it is a afterthought, the transfer is a simple 'what do you want to know?' session.

Priveon looks at knowledge transfer very differently. Priveon requires, as part of our Statement-of-Work, customer participation in the project from the very first steps through the final wrap-up. This is the only way to ensure that your staff is truly receiving knowledge transfer of the solution from out highly-skilled consultants. Additionally, this allows us to provide you not only the information you need about the product being installed, but also information about the installation architecture, the integration into your processes and other products, and also how to maintain and continue to integrate the product as a corporate solution as your environment continues to grow and change over time.

Formal Classroom Training:

In many cases, Formal Classroom Training is exactly as it sounds. Rigid, inflexible, training provided by the manufacturer. Unfortunately, the manufacturers product training is often developed with a focus on the basics of the interface, the high level installation information, and basic usage knowledge. Another issue with this training is that it is typically developed for the partner community and not for end user organizations. It focuses on the partners ability to sell and ends with a multiple choice test validating the partner attended such that the partner can prove the meet the requirements required to sell the solution as a company.

As you can see, this does not map to your needs. Priveon understands this problem and has taken steps in order to ensure you get what you need by means of training such that you will be successful. Priveon has created training offerings specific to products we ourselves support. Priveon training is not intended to help you pass a certification exam but instead is designed that you will absorb the most knowledge possible to ensure the product will function as desired today and in the future. We do this through training that is much more hands-on and scenario based than other training options you have available to you. We have found that by immersing your staff in our Real-World training, your team has a higher level of knowledge retention. Additionally, scenarios afford us the ability to take your staff through real situations experienced by Priveon's customers so that the first time they witness a common situation is not their first.

Additional Priveon Training:

Beyond product specific training, Priveon also offers InfoSec training to your staff to give them all of the tools they need to succeed. We offer: 

  • Priveon EC-Council Training
    • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
    • Certified Forensic Investigator (CHFI)
    • Licensed Penetration Tester (LPT)
  • Priveon Security Awareness Training

More Information:

For more information on Priveon's Training programs, visit the Priveon Training section of this website.