Priveon's Virtual Classroom

Today, many companies are finding themselves in a time when travel budgets are being cut, IT employees are being asked to do more with less, and companies are focusing on "Green Initiatives". To address all of these issues, Priveon has developed a Virtual Classroom offering which is available for each and every Priveon course.

What is a Virtual Classroom?

Priveon has worked with WebEx to provide the same in-classroom learning experience you have come to enjoy via our on-site classes. The course is led by the same instructors, the content is the same as in on-site classes, and the hands-on labs are identical. The only difference is that you can take the course from your home, business, or anywhere with a phone and data connection. Simply access our class via the instructor provided link during the published class hours and you will participate via the Internet using a web browser and WebEx Training module interface.

Is This a Self-Paced Course?

Absolutely Not! While Computer Based Training and Self-Paced DVD style courses may be an effective way to learn about certain topics and potentially prepare for a certification exam, Priveon does not believe these particular learning vehicles are adequate for becoming an operational expert on a technology. Our Virtual Classroom training is the identical in-classroom course with the ability to ask questions and interact with the instructor.

When is Virtual Training Offered?

Virtual training is typically offered as an option for every class we publish in the course schedule. This means that while some students may be physically in the class with other students and the instructor, others will be virtually attending the same class real-time via the web. Additionally, some of the courses we list are offered as virtual only classes so there are even more training dates available per course.

How Does Virtual Classroom Training address today's challenges?

Limited Travel Budgets: With a Virtual Classroom option, there is no need to travel to the class thereby removing all travel related costs such as flight, car rental, hotel, and meals.

Doing More with Less: Since a major limitation for many companies in providing training to their employees is related to the additional expenses traveling to the class, a virtual classroom option can remove this obstacle. Ensuring your employees are trained on any given technology allows your company to accomplish goals and satisfy requirements through building upon existing skill-sets without the need for hiring additional resources.

Green Initiatives: Limiting and/or eliminating travel for students and instructors allows us to limit our impact on the environment thereby supporting our customer's internal Green Initiatives.